MDA Scholarship Program

2024 MDA Scholarship winner Moana Irish Mist

Each year, the MDA awards at least three scholarships in the amount of $500 to members.  Amateur, professional, and youth members are eligible and encouraged to apply. One scholarship will be awarded for riders in each of the following categories:

• Training/First Level
• Second/Third Level
• Fourth Level and above.
• At least one of the scholarships will be awarded to an amateur or junior rider.

To be eligible, you must be a member of the Morgan Dressage Association. Membership applications must be submitted online or received by email by the scholarship application deadline (November 1st) for you to be eligible for a scholarship.

Scholarships must be used to further the training and education of the applicant and their Morgan(s). Eligible expenses include instruction, clinics (mounted or as an auditor) and the expenses to attend those clinics, educational materials such as training books and videos, and other educational opportunities such as symposiums. The purchases of tack or computer software and competition expenses are NOT eligible. If you have questions on whether an expense is allowable, please ask before submitting your application.

The applicant must attest that he/she will continue to pursue dressage training on a Morgan for the duration of the scholarship (one year). Winning applicants will receive their scholarships within 30 days of notification of the award. Within the scholarship year, they must provide MDA with a detailed listing of how the funds were spent. Winners who fail to provide this listing will not be eligible for future scholarships. Scholarship winners will not be eligible to receive a repeat scholarship two years in a row. Winners will be eligible to apply in subsequent years only if they have moved up at least one level, unless they are already competing at the FEI levels.

To get started with the application process, please read the instructions (Instructions and Application) and then apply online. Alternatively, please complete the PDF Application Form and email along with answers to the 8 questions, plus photographs, to

Applications are accepted online or by email. Please see instructions and application form for more details.